In the OFFICE category you will find all the models from our collection listed in more specific sub-categories that make it easier to find items.

In this section you can choose office chairs, waiting or visitor chairs, stools, work chairs, sofas and armchairs; but also the relative fabrics to chosen by the customer of the various types. All our products are created with high quality materials that modern technology makes available produced in Italy.

Office chairs, waiting chairs, stools, work chairs, armchairs and sofas


  • Office chairs

    Office chairs, stools and armchairs, suitables to all working environments

  • Waiting chairs and...

    In this section you will find waiting-visitor stacking chairs and waiting benches with 2, 3, 4, or 5 seats, suitable for community waiting rooms and any waiting environment

  • Office fabrics and...

    The technical fabrics designed for the specific intensive use required by the office chairs and the mechanisms, components such as the chair base, wheels or armrests that can be replaced on request to customize your chair

    The elements of the chair that you can customize to make it ergonomically suitable to support your working day, such as the mechanisms to adapt the seat to your needs; the lumbar support to relieve the kidney fatigue; the adjustable armrests that support your arms without straining your shoulders in the sitting position

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